It is Good


“And God saw that it was good.”

(Genesis 1:21)


I love watching birds. There are those that soar high up in the sky, others that swoop and swirl above the tree tops, and those that come to feed upon the food that I put out for them. Sometimes they call in solitary sweet song, at others they are part of an enthusiastic communal chattering, whilst every now and then one will sit and preen on a branch and murmur softly to itself.

 God likes them too. He said,

” and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky.”  (Genesis 1:20)

 When He saw it take place He approved and said that it was good – or in other words “I am delighted.”

 Of course God was responsible for all of His creation and there are parts that He can still look at and enjoy. We can join with Him in this and share some of His delight while marvelling at the loveliness that we see before us. Not only that – in doing so we may begin to see something more, something of the Creator and His love for beauty, His attention to detail and His extravagant provision.

 Take time this weekend to look. To watch a bird, contemplate a tree, marvel at a rose bud, breathe the scent of a flower, listen to water, laugh at a cloud, be still before a sunrise or sunset, feel a wave, walk barefoot on the grass. Be aware of God watching with you and of His enjoyment of the moment. Be still with Him.

 There is beauty everywhere if we pause to look. It speaks to us of God.


Take time. Not 5 minutes – try 30 at least. Just watch, wonder and enjoy. Tell God what you see and feel – and thank Him.


Thank You Father for sharing all this with us, and allowing us to see the beauty that You made and enjoy. Amen.






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