Write me Lord


“Search me, O God, and know my heart;

test me and know my anxious thoughts.”

(Psalm 139:23)


It is such a great relief to know that we have nothing to hide from God. This is not because there isn’t anything of which we are ashamed but because He knows all that there is to know about us already. He knows every detail of our past, present and future – our thoughts, words and deeds – and still He loves us.

 However there is another aspect to it. That is when we invite God to look into us because we acknowledge that there are areas in our lives that need His help, cleansing and healing. There will be some of which we are not yet aware. We invite Him to show us so that we can purposefully ask for His help with them as well.

 We come to Him as the book of our life and, spreading open the pages, ask Him to read us. In doing this we are expressing our trust in Him by making ourselves completely vulnerable before Him. His searching gaze is like the sun bringing light and warmth in the dark and cold places and assuring us of His unbreakable love. The more we stand in open humility before Him the more His presence can enter into us. It is also our invitation to Him to begin to write our story the way He would like it to read, as the Holy Spirit works within us.

 There is no pretending with God, and no need to. In Jesus He has set us free to be completely open before Him and with Him. In doing so we remove some of the barriers to His love, grace and new life.


Sit quietly before the Lord. Say these words from the psalm without excuse or explanation – be still. Do it often.


Father You know the whats, whys and wherefores of my life better than I do. Look into me Lord and shine Your love, cleansing and healing light into me. Write in me Lord. Amen.



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