Lamb of God


“When he saw Jesus passing by, he said, “Look, the Lamb of God!” When the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus.”

(John 1:36-37)


John the Baptist pointed Jesus out to two of His disciples. They immediately followed Jesus and ended up spending the day with Him.

 There are two messages for us here. The first is that everyone who is a disciple of the Lord joins in the Baptist’s ministry of pointing others to Him. This is a part of our Great Commission.

 The second point is that for us Jesus is always ‘passing by’ – He is always with us. Like the two disciples we need to become aware of Him again and again throughout the day and allow Him to lead us into and through the things that He wants done in our situations. That would include attending to our responsibilities, facing and dealing with the pain and challenges in our lives, reaching out to those around us and taking time to enjoy a rest with Him.

 The way to do this is to look for Him and His guidance and strength in every situation in which we find ourselves. Whether in the great things of life or the mundane and boring – the great achievements or the washing of pots and pans – He is with us with His love and blessing. When we are about to embark on an exciting new venture or when we have had enough and even think of ending it all He is there – ‘passing by’ as it were and ready to lead us forward, like the Good Shepherd that He is.

 He is the One whom we need more than anyone else – and more than anything else. In Him there is our purpose and our peace, our guidance and our goodness, our strength and our salvation.


Ask Him to remind you of Himself – and to prompt you, to guide you and to strengthen you, each step of the way.


Lord Jesus, I look to You. Help me to believe, to trust and to follow You, and to spend my days with You. Amen.




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