God Supreme


“For you, O LORD, are the Most High over all the earth;

you are exalted far above all gods.”

(Psalm 97:9)


The first thing to note is that the Psalmist is addressing a person – “For you”. This person is assumed to be able to hear the prayer offered.

 The person addressed has a title that describes their relationship to the Psalmist. They are “Lord”, a title of authority and supremacy. However, used as it is here in capital letters, it represents the divine name of YHWH, leaving us in no doubt that he is referring to the Lord God Almighty, the One who has revealed Himself in a special way to the people He has called to Himself.

 The Psalmist proceeds to describe Him as the One who is ‘the Most High’ – that is, there is no higher authority or power in existence. The Lord’s power and authority are absolute and He reigns over ‘all the earth’ – not just a part of it.

 Such is His supreme majesty that He is not only more powerful than ‘all gods’ but He is ‘exalted far above them’. The Lord is so glorious and powerful that by comparison any ‘other gods’ pale into insignificance far beneath Him.

 The ‘other gods’ referred to are clearly the ‘images’ and ‘idols’ referred to in verse 7. Time and again in Scripture God ridicules the worship of lifeless images most often made by human endeavour. However, they can also include anything in our life to which we give power over us, priority or devotion, particularly in opposition to the expressed will of God. These may include our human intellect, the love and pursuit of wealth, power and possesions, areas of bondage and addiction, worry and pride, and many others.

 The truths revealed in this verse are both statements of fact and a tribute of praise to the wonder of our God. As we look into the week ahead, and into the various aspects of our own lives, may we be increasingly able to praise God in the same way in every area of our lives.


Take time to be aware of your life – and to see who or what really rules in its different areas.


Lord God, please enter more fully in to my life – into my thoughts, words, deeds and emotions – so that you may truly reign supreme there. Amen.




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