Never Forsake You


“God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

(Hebrews 13:5)


I was reminded today of how, some years ago, I hurled my mobile phone across the room. Why it had developed the frustrating habit of switching off in the middle of calls and message retrieval I failed to understand. It made me feel angry, frustrated and got at – by whom I’m not sure – but definitely persecuted. I didn’t lose control totally, but hurled it purposefully into an armchair at full force. From there it bounced out and lay on the floor …  silent. I thought that it should at least have whimpered! I felt relieved, justified … and a little bit childish. That last emotion I chose to ignore.

 Some days later I remembered the incident. As I did God spoke clearly into my mind. He said to me,

“I will never do that to you! I will never discard you in disgust.”

I was suddenly very quiet inside. Those words stayed in my thoughts as I explored them. He would never discard me in disgust – even though at times I would do it to myself; even though I continually fail to function as I should.  That is His commitment to me. That is the level of His relationship with me. That is His love for me. I am still awed by those words. And what’s more …… that’s how He commits to each of His children!


Savour and treasure it as I do!


Father, in a world in which relationships can seem cheap and disposable, help me to believe and trust in Your eternal and unquenchable love and presence. In Jesus name. Amen.



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