In the Light


“that I may walk before the LORD in the land of the living.”

(Psalm 116:9)


The psalmist has built up to this wonderful revelation. He does not have to wait until death to be in the presence of the Lord. Even now, in this very moment of life, he may walk before God amongst the people who are alive – and not only those still breathing but also with those who have come alive in the Lord.

 To walk ‘before’ the Lord has a different intention to walking ‘with’ the Lord. To walk before the Lord envisages living out every moment in the full awareness of God’s all-encompassing gaze. It is to live completely in the Light with no pretence and with no effort to hide anything from Him. It allows the Lord to shine His light into every area and corner of our lives – our thoughts, words and deeds – and to look at them with us.

 In this completely open relationship with God we are totally exposed to His searching gaze and knowledge of us, and we can become even more aware of our human frailty and sinfulness – and very vulnerable.  But, on the other hand, we are never more befriended, accepted and loved by God as when we open ourselves to him in this way.

 We walk into His Light because he calls us there – because it is the best place for us to be. He does not wish to shame or belittle us but to heal, transform and strengthen us. It is the place of growth and fruitfulness, of love and acceptance, or peace and joy. It is the place where we discover our true identity and character. It is just so very good. And it is the safest place to be.


Don’t hide from God – don’t make excuses. Trust Him, open yourself to His Light, and allow His Truth to set you free.


Lord You are knocking at my door – the outside door of my life, and all the doors of my inner rooms as well, including the cellar. Come into my life with Your Light and Truth, and Love me into healing and wholeness. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.



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