Advent – Children of God



The Son of God about to be born into the world He created – so that others might enjoy the love of God and an eternal relationship with God as His children. He came to us so that we might come to Him. He came to reveal the limitless love, grace and power of God towards us.

 Yet although ‘the world was made through Him the world did not recognise Him.’ There was no room for His mother in any of the inns; no one would give up their room for her. There was no room for Him except in a manger. Later there would be no room for Him amongst the leaders of God’s chosen people, for ‘His own did not receive Him.’ No room for Him in their world or the world of those who cried out for Him to be expelled from it.

 In today’s free world there appears to be no room for Him in many places. No room for Him in many schools, no room for Him in many governments, no room for Him at the celebration of His birth, no room for Him in many lives. No room for Him after national disasters, no room for Him when disasters are seen to approach, no room for Him when national traumas are examined and plans are laid for their future avoidance. He is not recognised or received in so many quarters.

 But there are some. Praise God there are some – who recognise and receive Him, who reach out to Him and long for Him, who love Him and honour Him, who trust Him and obey Him, who wait for Him and pray for Him, who live for Him and die in Him.

 Come Lord Jesus. Come and let us rejoice at Your birth – with Your trusting mother, with faithful Joseph, with the blessed shepherds and the wondering wise men. Come and let us celebrate in the everyday mangers of our hearts – where in our own silent nights we might also ponder the message of the angels and join in the exaltation of the heavenly host.

 Come Lord Jesus to the Christmas congregations as we sing the carols, hear the Scriptures, pray the prayers and receive the Holy Communion. Touch our hearts and our spirits with wonder, awe and love. Then as You look out to the blind, rejecting and unreceptive world – violent, vicious, lost and suffering – have mercy and pray again Your great cry from the Cross,

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)


Acknowledge how blessed you are to know of Jesus and to have the opportunity to know and honour Him.


Come Lord Jesus – and help me to come to You more intentionally and sincerely. Amen



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