The Real Jesus


“He came to that which was his own,
but his own did not receive him”

(John 1:11)



God had called to Himself and formed a special people, in fulfilment of His promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He had led them from bondage in Egypt, through forty years in the desert and into the Promised Land. Now, in fulfilment of His promise through the prophets, the long awaited Messiah had come from God. He had been born and raised in a particular place and in a specific country – He had come indeed to His own people.

 However His own people did not recognise Him or receive Him. He did not meet the hopes and expectations of the religious leaders and in addition challenged their teachings, rituals and lifestyles. They ended up conspiring against Him and calling for His execution. They didn’t want Him!

 How many people today have allowed themselves to fail to recognise and receive the real Truth which is Jesus? Some have such a poor image of Him that they have either walked away and abandoned Him or refused to take Him seriously at all. Others have formed an impression of Him that has not developed from a close attention to Scripture but has been more a product of their own fears or human longings. In each case we have missed out and failed ‘to receive Him.’

 Jesus is the Divine Creator, Redeemer, Saviour and Lord. He is who He is  – and not what we might think we would like. He is God beyond the highest reach of our understanding, holy beyond our purest comprehension, powerful beyond our wildest thoughts, and love beyond our most hopeful dreams.

 To have Him as less is to both miss out on the greatest fulfilment and joy possible and to be guilty of trying to worship a man-made idol. It just doesn’t work.


Seek Him in His Word. Ask Him to continuously reveal more of Himself to You. Love and worship Him increasingly as your understanding and faith grow.


You are beautiful beyond description
Too marvelous for words
Too wonderful for comprehension
Like nothing ever seen or heard
Who can grasp Your infinite wisdom
Who can fathom the depths of Your love
You are beautiful beyond description
Majesty, enthroned above

 And I stand, I stand in awe of You
I stand, I stand in awe of You
Holy God to whom all praise is due
I stand in awe of You


(Mark Altrogge)



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