My Way


“Father, give me my share of the estate.”

(Luke 15:12)


Jesus told a parable of a father and his two sons. The younger one, unwilling to wait for his father’s death, demanded that the father give him his share of the estate in advance. This the father did. The son then ‘got together all that he had’ and left for a far country where he ‘squandered his wealth in wild living.’

 He wanted to make his own decisions and have unfettered control of his portion of his father’s wealth – without the father. He was completely self-centred and self-focussed and cared nothing for his father’s feelings. He effectively said that he wished his father dead and then, by putting himself so far away from him, treated him as if he was.

 There is something of that attitude in many of us. Rather than wait for the pleasures of this life, or the blessings of the life to come, we want everything immediately. We may even think that the way to freedom and our true identity is by turning our back on our family and society – and away from any interference from God.


In what way may I have been guilty of pursuing my own path without consideration of the feelings of family or God?


Father please open my eyes to any selfishness that might exist in my life. Help me to live in a more considerate relationship with You and those close to me. Amen.




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