Gone Fishing


“Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore”

(John 21:4)


“I’m going out to fish”

In the gap between the appearances of Jesus Peter decided to go fishing and six of the others went with him. They caught nothing all night. Early the next morning Jesus came out to the shore and told them where to cast their nets. They did so and caught 153 large fish. He then called them to come and eat with Him.

In times of uncertainty and indecision it is easy to turn back to old ways and habits. They may not necessarily be bad or unhealthy but just our old ways of doing things. Peter and some of the others had been fishermen so they went back to fishing. However, Jesus had called them away from that employment to be ‘fishers of men.’ He was soon to send them out on their new journeys but the time had not yet arrived.

This account is a lovely illustration of how Jesus can bless our everyday activities and employment. It is also, however, a reminder that once we have been called to a new way of life with Him we should not return to our old ways when nothing seems to be happening and we become impatient.
The joy of this account is in Jesus not leaving them to find frustration and weariness in slipping back but in coming to find them, feed them and lead them onwards.

Ask the Lord to guide and bless what you do and to lead you always forward into His will for you.


Lord Jesus You have called me to follow You. Help me to do so in the everyday things of my life and to be open to any new things towards which You lead and direct me. Amen.



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