Pattern of Prayer


“Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

(Luke 5:16)

There are a number of different ways in which to organise our prayers. The following three main headings can be useful as a pattern. They will naturally overlap at times.

• Looking at God
• Looking at ourselves
• Looking at others

Looking at God would incorporate praise, worship, thanksgiving and listening to His Word .
Looking at ourselves would include confession and thanksgiving as well as prayer for our own needs and situations.
Looking at others would embrace family, friends, and colleagues as well as domestic, national and international situations and people.
Each area would include both regular items as well as things of the moment – for example ill health, exams, etc.

Jesus gave us the Lord’s Prayer as a pattern for prayer and for living. I start and end with it and have come to love and savour it – sometimes going off into its various sections as if I was exploring a particular room in my life and allowing it to speak and minister to me.

Good patterns become good habits – and they can set us free to go deeper and higher.


Lord please help me to develop (further) a pattern of prayer that will bring me closer to You. Amen.





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