Prayer Diary


“Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

(Luke 5:16)

A Prayer Diary is an invaluable aid to prayer. It enables us to plan our prayers and spread them over a period. It helps us to prayer thoughtfully and intentionally and to cover the people and situations which are important to us, and to which we feel God is guiding us.

A loose-leaf notebook works well as it means we can add or change pages as we go. Mine is divided into a number of sections. The prayer areas are divided into 5 so that I cover them all in a week – leaving weekends free for church and other prayers.

• Worship –  Words and notes to help me honour God
• Confession –  Prayers of confession and absolution to help me review my life and take the process seriously
• Family
• Work and Ministry
• Church
• Parish
• Country
• International
• Weekly –  5 pages listing wider family, friends and other people and situations important to me
• GeneralA place for special personal prayers and for any words that come from the Lord through Scripture or in any other way.

If a prayer diary is new to you don’t make it too detailed or complicated to start with. Begin very simply and allow it to develop as you progress and God leads you. Be creative and see it as a springboard and not a burden.

Ask God to lead and inspire you


Lord Jesus You prayed and taught us to pray. You heard the Lord speak and obeyed His word. You poured out Your heart to God and trusted Him. Please help me to journey with You into a new and deeper life of prayer. Amen.




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