With the Shepherd


“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil, for you are with me”

(Psalm 23:4)

There are some very isolated, barren, dangerous and unpleasant places that have been referred to as ‘the valley of the shadow of death.’ The expression has also been used to refer to the approaching end to a person’s life. It can too apply to any period in life when we are alone, our world shattered and the death of our family, business, social and relational lives appears imminent. At such times it may seem as if we are struggling alone through a barren and comfortless world, where everyone is a potential enemy or source of mockery, and we hear only the howling of our inner fears and shame.

David himself would have known such moments when Saul was looking for him to kill him and he was fleeing through desolate areas in fear for his life. He would have experienced them too when he got things horribly wrong. Through them all though the Lord was with him and never abandoned him. Whether innocent or guilty he knew that he belonged to the Lord.

God does not forsake us. We might wander away from Him and His ways but that does not mean that He has rejected us. On the contrary as the Good Shepherd He is even then seeking us in our lostness, desiring to recover the relationship and lead us safely home. The world may despise and reject – God loves and saves. He is with us always.

“The LORD is my strength and my song;
he has become my salvation.”
(Psalm 118:14)

When it is dark look for the Light, Ask Him for forgiveness, comfort, strength and encouragement.


Lord I can feel very lonely, lost and little. Please find me in my valley, embrace me with Your Light, Love and Life and lead me safely home.  Amen.



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