So many blessings


“My cup overflows”

(Psalm 23:5)

The cup from which we drink in our everyday lives is bitter-sweet. There is pain and disappointment and the pleasures though many are fleeting.

David however had seen his life touched by God in numerous and different ways. He was humbled and overwhelmed by the love, personal involvement and privilege – as well as by the glory, majesty and power that was revealed.

Where the world in which we live is temporary and imperfect, and has nothing better to offer, God is different. He is eternal, sovereign and loving and relates to us accordingly. Even where He involves Himself in our worldly lives and affairs His actions carry with them the mark of eternal significance. They reveal His glorious presence and engaging love. His is the one life and love that meets us here and carries us into His eternity. It is a love and life that does not diminish but grows. The world may distract us from it but cannot take it away.

The deeper and stronger our relationship with Him the more His blessings can be identified and enjoyed.

Pause to identify God’s revelation of Himself in creation and in your own life.


Father open my eyes to Your glory and love more and more each day. Help me to treasure and enjoy the wonder of Your revelations to me. Amen.



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