I’m Listening Lord


“Speak to us yourself and we will listen.
But do not have God speak to us or we will die.”

(Exodus 20:19)

The problem with hearing God speak to us directly is that it leaves us no room for debate. We either both accept what He says and respond accordingly and obediently – or we do not. If we reject what He says then we know that we are in fact rejecting Him. It can leave us feeling extremely uncomfortable, guilty and unlovable.

It is easier to listen to a sermon or read a book because we feel it leaves us with the options of just forgetting it later or of arguing that the speaker was not correct or did not understand our situation and context. We do not feel as guilty about disagreeing with or ignoring  a person, and can comfortably discount the possibility that they might in fact have been speaking the words of God to us.

Much of the time we do not consciously and deliberately disobey God, we just don’t listen to Him and take Him completely seriously. We might even read the Bible and underline the positive promises and love passages but skim over the more challenging and demanding ones. However in our hearts we realise what we are doing so that even these beautiful passages don’t resonate within us as deeply and truthfully as they might.

God is God and God is Love. The two cannot be separated.

Trust Him and listen to Him – He died for you.


Forgive me Lord if I have avoided taking You completely seriously in case You say things that I do not wish to hear. Please help me to trust You completely and to listen to Your love and directions for me without fear. Amen.



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