Child of God

 hands2a“Yet to all who received him,
to those who believed in his name,
he gave the right to become
children of God”

(John 1:12)





If Jesus is your Saviour then who are you?
(This question-based series came through a middle-of-the-night word from the Lord.)

The first response is this – we become a child of God, His son or daughter. As we know from our human experience once a child has been born that child is a son or daughter of those parents forever. Even if the child or the parents should seek to disown or abandon the relationship the fact nevertheless remains and cannot be altered. Once God has adopted us as His child it becomes an eternal relationship which ‘nothing in all creation’ can alter.

The process by which we become a child of God is in His hands. ‘We are born of God.’ (John 1:13) The way in which it is worded seems to give it a significance similar to the birth of the Lord, both being due to the sole activity of God.

In one sense God could be said to have fathered everyone because He created us. But the writers of the New Testament very significantly do not refer to all people as His children. That expression is reserved for those who, by God’s grace, have entered into a new relationship with Him through what has been called re-birth (John 3:3). This comes about through our believing in and receiving Jesus as Saviour and Lord – ‘believing in’ and ‘receiving’ describe the same thing. Once this has sincerely taken place, however superficially or imperfectly at the time, nothing further is required. Quite remarkably Jesus refers to what then takes place, our adoption by God, as a right! It is an indication of the wonderful and sovereign love and grace of God – and how very much He wants us.

This is important. Own your relationship with God. If Jesus is your Saviour and Lord humbly accept and live your new identity as a son or daughter of God. If not then prayerfully face the decision.


Lord Jesus You are my Saviour and my Lord. I am a son/daughter of Almighty God our Father. Please help me to always own and live my new identity in You. Amen.



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