God with us


“The people brought to Jesus
all who had various kinds of sickness,

and laying his hands on each one,
he healed them.”

(Luke 4:40)

The first three chapters of the Bible reflect clearly the power, majesty and intimacy of God. If that same creator God was to take flesh and move amongst us we would expect to see the same qualities revealed. And they were.

Jesus teaching was unlike anything the crowds had heard before. He spoke with complete authority, even challenging and correcting the religious leaders and experts in the law. Jesus exercised His power as God and Creator as He calmed the storm at a word, fed the five thousand, forgave sins, healed the sick and raised the dead. And in His dealings with the fallen and wretched who came to Him he displayed a gentleness and intimacy that shocked the religious authorities.

Although in truth God is far too holy for us He has clearly revealed that no one is too fallen and wretched for Him. He has come to seek and too find the lost and to provide a way for them to be forgiven, cleansed, healed and re-united with Him. He has come to be involved in our lives with His love and power and to invite us to become a part of His Life – both now and throughout eternity

The Lord is here; His Spirit is with us.


Lord God, nothing is impossible with You. Help me to believe in You and to live that belief. Amen.



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