Mountain Challenge


“Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love,
and go to the region of Moriah.
Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering”

(Genesis 22:2)

So often in our journey with God there seems to be a mountain in the way. He appears to lead us steadily towards it and, once there, we find ourselves presented with a choice. For Abraham it was Moriah, for the Israelites out of Egypt it was Sinai, for Jesus it was Golgotha. In each case it was preceded by a journey during which God had spoken and revealed Himself in a number of ways.

The choice is always the same – to choose God’s way or my own. The answer is critical. It reveals both our true focus and the extent of our trust and faith in God. It either opens the way ahead to further possibilities and the revelation of the love and glory of God – or it closes the door on Him.

Are there areas in my life that I have closed off from God?


Father Almighty, please help me to look beyond my desires and fears to You. Amen.



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