Real Mountain


“David asked the men standing near him…
“Who is this uncircumcised Philistine”

(1 Samuel 17:26)

All mountains need to be faced. If this is where God has brought us then it is unhelpful to turn away or camp forever in its shadow. God wishes to deal with it.

To face a mountain means to acknowledge its existence, define it and admit it as an obstacle. It will include probing and admitting our reaction to it – everything from fear and horror to lust and longing. We may need to ask ourselves why it is there and what we are able or unable to do about it.

To face a mountain is to see its naked truth and to admit ours as well. A mountain hidden tends to keep growing. A mountain defined has boundaries. Jesus said that it was the truth that would set us free. We may now enter into that truth with Him.

Look at your mountain with new eyes – and yourself as well


Lord you said that it is the truth that sets us free –help me to allow You to show me the Truth in all my situations. Amen.



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