In God I Trust


“In God, whose word I praise,
in God I trust; I will not be afraid”

(Psalm 56:4)

It is a trust that, having acknowledged and accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour, there is absolutely nothing, and no one, that can separate us from God. No matter what happens in our lives, or to our lives, our relationship with God, and our future with Him, is totally secure. He will be with us for every moment of our lives, and will be with us through our passage into the next one.

What is absolutely essential for us to get into our minds is this. Having been saved by grace we do not remain saved by keeping the law. It is God’s grace from start to finish. Our response is faith and trust in Him.

Yes, we should be inspired by the love of God to see that our lives change.  His love and salvation should be reflected in the way that we live – they are not an excuse to go on sinning. That is an insult. However, there may be areas in our lives where we find it impossible to bring change through our own efforts. These should not drive us away from God but should send us back to Him again and again and again, until His love and power at work in our lives prevail and He sets us free!

In God I trust – a decision and a commitment, not an emotion


Father God, please help me to believe and trust that, having received me, You will never let me go. Amen.



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