Word of Life


The world was about to witness a new beginning. Very few were aware of it. No one would have grasped the full meaning and the eternal implications involved. It would be the greatest and most astonishing event of all time – greater even than the Creation itself.

What would make it truly remarkable was that the event was so much more than just the birth of a child – as wonderful as that always has been and always will be. This was no ordinary child. He was not just an unusually significant child. He was eternally unique. For, although He would experience a new beginning as a human child, He had, in reality, no beginning. He was there at the beginning as we think we know it. He was, in fact, the beginning itself. And not only that, He will be its end as well.

“He said to me: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.” (Revelation 21:6)

Everything that we know, that we have still to know, and that we will never know in this life, is bound up in this Person and this event. Without it, and without Him, we would be lost in the thickening mist of an eternal darkness – separated forever from an unseen and unknowable God whose revelations had been rejected.

But God…! God was doing something new. It was a new beginning. It involved Him very personally; He was this beginning as well. “Let there be” was amongst us.

Walk towards Christmas with open eyes.


God of the Beginning and of this Beginning as well – open my eyes, my heart and my spirit. Help me to see and to cherish the Truth, and to worship You. Amen.



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