Meeting with God


“Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

(Luke 5:16)

We can pray at any time and in many different ways. However it is unlikely that we will develop a deep and satisfying prayer life which enhances our relationship with the Lord if we pray ‘on the run.’

Jesus prayed at many times and in many places – for example at His baptism, with the disciples and in Gethsemane. But Luke tells us that He also had a far more regular pattern of prayer, for ‘He often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.’ It seems that this was mainly at night after the crowds had returned home.

We would all benefit from a regular time set aside for prayer. For many people the early mornings are the best when both the day and their minds are fresh. Others may need to have it later in the day. But it does need to be ‘fenced off’ and maintained to be of benefit. It helps to make it an ‘appointment with God’ and to be aware that He will be waiting for us.

To start with 15 minutes would seem to be a minimum time although it is not very long. The aim should be to extend it to 30 minutes as soon as possible – particularly as the value of spending this time with God begins to be apparent during the day.

Make your own appointment with God – or review the one you have.


Father please help me to draw closer to You in prayer and to cherish the time we have together in this way. Amen.



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