Praying Days


“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions
with all kinds of prayers and requests.”

(Ephesians 6:18)

I have found it useful to start the day with a set series of prayers that I have composed for my immediate and extended family and myself. It includes our homes, work, comings and goings and health.

During the day I pray whenever I drive, whenever I meet with anyone and whenever I undertake any ministry. I also pray for any of my family with special needs. As the day progresses I pray for the people around me with whom I may have dealings, including security guards and cashiers, as well as those whom the Lord seems to draw to my attention. Whenever I hear the siren of a police car or ambulance I pray for the situation and for the people involved.

And then, when it seems that the Spirit draws to my attention something special – a sunset, a cloud formation against the deep blue sky, the stark beauty of a winter-bare tree, the liquid song of the crested barbet or the shiny loveliness of the blue starling, the laugh of a child or the miracle of a baby – I give thanks.

He has, in fact, led me into the habit of talking to God all through the day. It is not an imposition but a privilege. It has helped develop the realization that God is with me, and interested in all my doings, all the time.

Talk to God all through the day. Share your thoughts, concerns and involvements with Him. Ask for His help.


You are my Father, my Saviour, my Lord and my Friend – thank You that I can turn into Your love all the time. Amen.



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