Why Jesus?


“You will be with child and give birth to a son,
and you are to give him the name Jesus.”

(Luke 1:31)

Suddenly it seemed that God was active again. The centuries of silence had ended.

First the angel was sent to Zechariah and now he appeared to Mary. Elizabeth was pregnant with John who would ‘make ready a people prepared for the Lord’. Mary was told that she would bear the Lord Himself – the Son of the Most High. He would be called Jesus, and would be given the throne of David as the One true and eternal King.

The first recognisable steps of a new journey had been taken. God was about to enter the world in a fresh and unforeseen way. He certainly wasn’t what they expected or longed for. He did not come as a mighty leader. He did not become a military conqueror and evict the Roman oppressors. He challenged and offended the religious leaders, associated willingly with the socially unacceptable, taught with new authority, and began in word and deed to reveal aspects of Himself that gave hints of divinity. He was not at all what the people expected. He was not what many of them wanted.

Most people failed to recognise the primary reason for the coming of the Lord. They also failed to recognise their greatest need.

What is your greatest need? And what would you hope for in a Messiah?


Open my eyes Lord to my truth and to Your Truth so that we may indeed draw closer to each other. Amen.



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