Softly, Spoke the River

The Light of Christ




“When all the people were being baptized,
Jesus was baptized too.”

(Luke 3:21-22)

John the Baptist preached a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. As people came to him to be baptised in the Jordan River Jesus, the sinless, came too.

In His baptism Jesus sealed His complete identity with those whom He came to save – all of humankind. He consecrated Himself to complete and total obedience to God the Father who had sent Him. He stepped into His eternal identity of ‘the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.’ Like Isaac He formally began His journey with His father to the mountain on which He would be sacrificed. He offered Himself as the One and only eternal sacrifice. He knew what He was doing.

When He was born the world around Him was largely ignorant of the momentous event. Now as He stepped out Himself the world around Him was again unaware of what was happening. However Someone watched. And as He sent His Spirit He said with what must have been great pride and terrible pain,

“You are my Son, whom I love;
with you I am well pleased.”
(Luke 3:22)

Watch and pray the journey as you follow the Lord to Calvary.


Lord Jesus I stand in awe of Your commitment and love. Help me to follow You in humility and in the joy of Your love for me. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Baptised

  1. Although from the beginning God’s purpose was that Jesus would come as our Saviour He was not always in human form. His birth and growth were all part of the preparation. At His human baptism Jesus was openly acknowledging to the Father His awareness and acceptance of His identity and purpose – and was openly accepted, anointed and empowered by God. His real ministry started from that point. He was endorsed by John the Baptist as ‘the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.’ This was His primary purpose, in fulfillment of all the OT sacrifices, to be the one true sacrifice for the sins of the whole world, past, present and future. It was in this sense that He stepped into that identity and purpose as it began to become a living reality and one that would have eternal consequences. Does that clarify it? God bless 🙂


    • Yes – Jesus did exist before He was born and He would have been in the same ‘form’ as God – that is spirit and not flesh and blood.
      Not only that but He was the one through whom all things were created.
      See John 1:1-14. This Jesus ‘became flesh’.
      See also John 17:5 where Jesus refers to the glory that He had before the world began.
      Also Philippians 2:6-7 which refers to Him ‘being in very nature God’ and His ‘equality with God.’


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