Get up!


“But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door;
it desires to have you, but you must master it.”

(Genesis 4:7)

Right at the beginning God makes it clear that we are responsible for our choices and actions. If we choose to live in ways that are in conflict with His will and intentions there are going to be consequences. One of these will be that sin will play an increasing role in our lives and prevent us from developing a more intimate and living relationship with God Himself. We may also find ourselves becoming more depressed about ourselves, our relationship with God, and the world in general.

God’s gift of His Son to die and rise again, followed by the gift of His Holy Spirit, are intended to also make it possible for us to become the ‘masters of sin’ and not the helpless or spineless victims.
Where sin has visited or overcome us it can be defeated in the power of God. The first step though is for us to realise that we have a role to play. We must recognise and reject sin. If our own will and power are insufficient we can call, and keep on calling, on the Lord for His help and strength.

For some the whole process may be similar to that of a child learning to walk. It might seem that we spend a lot of time with our faces to the ground. Then when we finally manage to stand we discover how easy it is to fall again – and again. However, the child perseveres until generally he or she not only walks, but runs and dances as well.

Sin takes many forms and includes bad habits, bad attitudes and bad choices. Unless we bother to confront them they will remain a problem. However, when they are mastered through the grace and love of God they can be transformed into a source of wonder and praise and be replaced by the lovely fruit of the Spirit.

Ask God for guidance and strength.


Lord God, please forgive me where I am casual about the sin in my life. Help me to recognise and reject it and, with Your help, walk away from it into new and lovely ways of living. Amen.



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