They need your prayer


“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions
with all kinds of prayers and requests”

(Ephesians 6:18)

Scripture calls us to pray in many places – and not only for ourselves but for others as well.

“I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone” (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

There is terrible suffering in the world at the moment. The focus now is on Nepal. Some estimates put the death toll as high as 10 000. At the moment the confirmed figures are 4349 died and over 7 000 injured – with more information still to come in from remote villages. In addition the homes and lives of countless others have been devastated. Rescue workers are still battling to find and help those in need whilst specialised teams and supplies are just beginning to come in from elsewhere in the world. There is a long road of recovery and healing ahead with the fear that disease might take hold and spread. ‘Citing government figures, U.N. spokesman Farhan Haq said an estimated 8 million people have been affected by the quake in 39 of Nepal’s districts, and more than 1.4 million need food assistance, including 750,000 who live near the epicenter in poor quality housing.’

In addition to this the United Nations has warned of a ‘towering humanitarian crisis’, in what they say is the forgotten situation in the ‘strife-torn Central African Republic.’ ‘Since December 2013 nearly 900 000 people have been displaced, including more than 460 000 who have become refugees.’

These are only two areas. Our news reports refer to many others, including the agonies of countless individuals and families.

Please join in praying for these and other areas of need known to you. They involve real people – men, women and many, many children – who are crying out for help in their pain and suffering. We know what our God is capable of so we ask Him to intervene from His love in all these lives and situations. Many of the people may not know Him or be able to pray at the moment – we can do it for them, and keep on praying until the need is over.

Response suggestions:
Pray morning and evening. Set your phone alarm for midday and pray then. Pray as you hear or read the news. Pray whenever you hear a siren or see a need. Short prayers are fine. Be a person of prayer.


Father, please help me to pray for others as I would like them to pray for me if I were in their situations. As the men brought their friend to the feet of Jesus help us to bring them to You. Amen.



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