Holy Ground


“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals,
for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”
(Exodus 3:5)

Moses saw the strange site of a bush burning on the slopes of Mount Horeb, and yet it was not affected. Intrigued he went over to have a closer look. At that stage there was no indication that God was involved or that He was present. The ground seemed ordinary; the bush seemed normal also, apart from the strange fire. It was only when God spoke and told him that he was on holy ground that Moses became aware of His presence.

God came to Moses in the midst of his everyday activities – unseen and unannounced. He created a holy moment in which He engaged with Moses. When it was over neither the ground nor the bush remained holy – but the memory of the event remained vividly so for Moses.

Today with the promises of the Lord that He will be with us always, and that the Holy Spirit will be within us, we should expect that there would be ‘holy moments’ with Him. The great moments that change lives are a part of the witness of many Christians. But there is more – not just these majestic moments but others more personal, intimate and joyous. These are moments when God our Father reaches out to love and bless us, just because He wants to.

Like the bush on the mountain these moments cannot be ordered or manufactured. However, as we practice living in constant awareness of God, and in communication with Him about all areas of our lives, we open the door to Him. And we make it easier for ourselves to discern some of these holy moments – some of which may make us laugh or weep for joy.

Look back over your life – ask God to show you any holy moments.


Father please help me to be open to Your expressions of love for me, and to recognise when You reach out to touch me, no matter how small and simple it may seem. Amen.



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