God’s Word


“Looking for a reason to accuse Jesus”
(Matthew 12:10)

There were those amongst the religious leaders of His day who would not accept the teaching, ministry and life of Jesus Christ. They looked for opportunities to discredit Him, accuse Him and to destroy Him.

There are those today who either reject Jesus or who seek to change His message and the message of Scripture into something more comfortable and which leaves us in control. The focus of much modern day teaching is more on us than on the Lord. The danger is that both He and His message become diminished in our minds and in our lives.

It is therefore imperative that we are rooted in and regular in a prayerful reading of the Bible. It is not the preserve of the academic and highly qualified theologian who then tells us what it means. It should be the familiar friend of the everyday person who finds in it not only eternal truths but guidance, comfort and help for their everyday relationship and walk with God. It becomes the yardstick against which to examine and assess all teaching and living.

If God has inspired and preserved His revelation of His great love, His astounding grace and His care-filled directions in this way the very least that we can do is become familiar with it.

Read – Mark – Learn – and inwardly digest


Lord God please open Your Word to me and me to Your Word that I may be fed and transformed by Your love. Amen.



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