Inner Beauty


“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer”
(Psalm 19:14)

Jesus made it clear in His teachings that not only what we do but what goes on inside of us is very important. He castigated the religious leaders for making an outward show of their religion whereas within many of them were corrupt and immoral.

We are called to be a new creation – transformed at all and every level of our beings. Where the loveliness of the words and actions of the Lord Jesus reflected the loveliness and light that was within Him so it should be with us. As we take ownership of our thoughts, words and deeds to present them to the Lord we will begin to see just how far they may fall from the ideal. This will be especially true of the thoughts that live within the private areas of our minds where it is so easy for things like bitterness, anger, slander, envy and others to live and breed.

So many of them come from the frustrations of insecurity, inadequacy and rejection, whether true or imagined. Our human responses to them will never bring us healing or peace.

That is where prayer and the Holy Spirit are so important. We know that God wants us to be healed and to reflect His life and love into the world. The starting point is to ask Him to fill us with His love – and to keep on filling us – and then in His love and power to help us turn away from the thoughts and words that sow darkness and pain and replace them with those that bring light, life and love.

The closer that we are to Him, and the more secure in His love for us, the less significance and power other things will have in our lives. We will also be nicer to live with – to ourselves as well.

Love yourself into the loveliness of God’s grace


Father please pour and keep pouring Your love into my heart through the Holy Spirit, and develop within me the fruit of loveliness, light and grace. Amen.



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