Softly, Spoke the River

The Light of Christ

True Life

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“In him was life”
(John 1:4)

We are surrounded by life. There is life in the trees and flowers, the animals and birds, the fish and mammals. We know the difference between something that is alive and something that has died – just as we know the difference between a person who lives and a person who has died. Life, that which caused them to live, had left them. Life in any form is a very special gift and one that could be taken away at any moment – in one way or another.

The gift of life comes from God. God is seen breathing ‘the breath of life’ into the first man and as cutting off life in the Flood. Our lives and our life are in His hand. John tells us that Jesus is the source of this life – and Jesus Himself taught that He is ‘the Life’ (John 14:6). All true life is drawn from Him and there is no life – eternal or otherwise – without Him. This is vividly portrayed in the picture of the Vine (John 15). Whilst we are a part of Jesus the Vine we draw our life from Him. If we should choose to leave, or be cut off from, the Vine we would begin to shrivel and die.

His entry into the world is celebrated at Christmas because He came to restore to us the possibility of eternal life. This is the life that God originally intended us to have with Him and which was terminated when we were ‘cut off’ from Him through sin. From that moment humans began to shrivel and die and there was nothing that we could do to reverse the process. Our new and eternal life is found in Jesus and founded upon His great sacrifice upon the cross. It is only as we become a part of Him that this life becomes a part of our lives with all the promise and hope that comes with it.

The Child of Bethlehem is worshipped and adored, and His birth celebrated, because He is our life now – and our life though all eternity. There is no life without Him. He showed that by giving His life for us!

Jesus is Life – our life – our eternal life.


Lord Jesus I place my life, with its yesterdays, todays and tomorrows in Your hands. I trust You to make me a part of Your life forever. Amen.


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