Going Home Sundays


“My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word
and put it into practice.”
(Luke 8:21)

When I was young Sundays were one of the most special days of the week. On that day our wider family would gather at our home for the day. Morning tea would be followed by a Sunday roast and delicious pudding. Then after a couple of hours of reading, chatting and snoozing afternoon tea with scones and cake would round off the day before everyone went back to their homes. There was a wonderful sense of family.

Not everyone has had that same privilege, and biological families have not all been happy places. So when Jesus makes a statement like this we need to look into it. In essence He is saying that our true family, our eternal family of which God is the Father and He our elder brother, is made up of those who have become a part of God’s new life and are seeking to live accordingly. In our local context that should refer to the worshipping members of our church community. This should be where we truly belong.

As we begin to grasp this then Sundays become not the day on which we ‘go to church’ – but the day on which we ‘go home.’ We go to the local expression of ‘our Father’s house’ to meet with Him and other members of the family. It becomes our weekly celebration of love and enjoyment of our Lord and each other – a true Sabbath.

Be a ‘home-goer’ and a ‘home-welcomer’


Father please bless my church community, making me and others more welcoming and loving. Amen.



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