Make Space for Salvation


“Now a man came up to Jesus and asked,
“Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?”
(Matthew 19:16)

In contrast to the two women and the thief on the cross who had lost everything of value – this man had very much. We are told that he had ‘great wealth.’ He was a leader and respected member of the community.

The others had lost any social position they might once have had – they were ‘naked and empty’ before the Lord. This man was in a different position. He saw his need of gaining eternal life. However he looked more at what He could do to earn it rather than what he could get rid of to receive it. When challenged by Jesus he went away sad.

To some an encounter with the Lord brings great blessing – to others sadness and even anger. At the heart of it is the confrontation that it brings to our view of our self-worth, our possessions and our social position. Afraid of losing what we value we fail to value this greatest of all gifts. For this Jesus was crucified.

We cannot earn or buy our salvation – we can only receive it with open and uncluttered hearts.

Do not be fixated about what you will one day lose. Let Him have you Who will never lose you.


Lord help me to see where my priorities lie – and to give You my love and trust. Amen.





2 comments on “Make Space for Salvation

  1. cellarofcreativity says:

    Amen🙏🏼. Blessed be the name of the most high. Peace love and blessings ✊🏼


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