Where I belong


“He jealously longs for the spirit He caused to dwell in us”
(James 4:5)

There are different translations of this verse but they in essence mean the same thing.

We were created in the image of God. Therefore as God is Spirit so He has created us to have a spiritual dimension to our lives. This is the most important part of our being and the way in which we may know and connect with God. One of the great ministries of Jesus Christ, as attested in all four of the gospels, was to baptise believers with, or in, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit connects with our spirits and witnesses to our new and eternal relationship with God the Father through the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

God looks at His daughters and sons and longs for their often wandering spirits to focus on and find their true home in Him. Like the Prodigal Son the spiritual and eternal part of us needs to come home to God – there to live and be given life and love and receive love.

Because He loves us and cares about us so passionately God is distressed when we wander away from Him in pursuit of other interests and pleasures. This distress can be so intense that it can be described as jealousy. Not the selfish jealousies common to humans but the pure and heart-filled longing that wants the very best for us, and knows that it is only to be found in Him, our Creator, Saviour and true Lover.

For our part Augustine summed it up like this.

“You have formed us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in You”

It’s as if a part of God is incomplete now without us – as we are incomplete without Him.

In every day there needs to be a turning for home again


Help me Lord to turn for home and to find You waiting for me with open arms and loving heart. Amen.



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